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Mistakes To Avoid When Picking An Alma Mater For Your Child

July 10, 2017 Posted by Alicia Foskett

If the establishment that you picked does not permit you attend a class and observe what happens, they might be able to offer you a tour of the entire institution in general. You should then look out for the administration and how polite they are how the teachers respond to questions asked from them, the immediate surroundings of the institution; is it clean and pleasant and peaceful? The environment of the corridors, cafeteria and classrooms. All of these factors are contributors to the experience that your child will be receiving so there is no reason why you should not think of these. The biggest concern for all parents with kids who are of age to attend an educational institution is to find the best possible one for them. The education sector has grown so fast that a multitude of establishments are emerging which gives more choice but also causes more confusion to the parents. Even if you go in fully prepared and with the best of intentions, chances are that you might fall victim to these common mistakes that most parents commit. Try to stay away from these pitfalls and you will be able to find the right educational match for your child.

Visiting the establishment once or not visiting entirely

How can you fathom that the prep international school that you have chosen is the correct one for your child if you actually have it seen it personally? Another parent’s perspective is theirs not yours. If you also decided that going in one day before you enroll your child is enough, which is incorrect too. In this case you will be making your decision based on very little to almost no proper information about the establishment. You need to make an informed decision and for that you need to have met the head of the establishment and the teachers. You must have observed the students and how happy or stressed they seem in the establishment and the environment itself. Know more about Bangkok international prep school.

Do not rely solely on the appearance

You cannot and should not base your child’s education upon the physical appearance of the establishment just because the infrastructure is the most modern and because they just opened a brand new laboratory, it does not mean that it is the best international school. Along with facilities, the establishment must also employ experienced and qualified teachers who can explain the information to a child at their level. You can also speak with other parents and ask them what they feel about the education that is been given to their kids and what they think could improve. Base your decisions on hard facts not the superficial appearance of a building.

Take your child along with you

Do not go to pick an institution leaving your child at home. Remember even though you really like the place, it is you child who will be spending time there and it is of utmost importance that they like and feel comfortable with the decision that you are making as well. If the child feels uncomfortable o intimidated, it might not be the right match for them.

Take the location into consideration

Picking an institution which is really far away can put both you and your child at a lot of inconvenience. Pay attention to the location, infrastructure, traffic levels, and modes of transport and accessibility of the establishment. You will also need to consider the travel time and distance when it comes to things like your child’s after school practices ad sports coaching.